Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scrap Afghan - Finally finished!

Here's my solid color scraps afghan with an edging and all the ends have been woven into it. Now this one is officially done!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Earth & Sky Round Ripple Afghan

I finished another afghan. This one was made with Red Heart yarn in Earth & Sky, Coffee, Soft White; and in TLC yarn in Robin Egg. There are still ends to weave in, but the crocheting is done. When I measured this one, it came to about 90 inches from point to point! This one is a heavy afghan, but will be so nice and warm this winter...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scrap Afghan Finished!

I'm finally finished with this afghan. All I have to do yet is weave in the ends and it will officially be done. I finished this one in less than a week, and it's probably the fastest afghan I've ever made. It was so fun to do, and the best part is that in the process of making this, my scraps of solid colors is down to about 8 small balls now! That's down from almost TWO large Rubbermaid totes of scraps!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Update on Scrap Afghan

Here's how it looks today:

All that's left is to do the red/pink rows and I'll be done! This afghan was very fun to make, and it helped me to use up all but a few scraps of my solid scrap yarns.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

What I'm working on today...

I've been trying to use up my scrap yarns, and I'm really making good progress. I have just a few solid scrap yarn colors left, and decided to start this afghan:

I'm doing all half double crochet stitches, and using a size "K" hook. I divided all my scraps into color shades, and just started crocheting until each color ran out. I'm doing color groups - first, all blues, then purples, then greens, then yellows, then oranges, then reds. I'll just keep going until I run out of yarn. What short bits I yarn I have left over after finishing a row of color, I'm winding into Magic Balls. Those I'll be using for another afghan. If I have large enough bits left over, I'm making four-round, all double crochet squares for another scrap afghan. Eventually, I'll crochet all those squares together with black yarn. That project will be a combination of solids and variegated yarns, and may be quite large. I'm thinking of making a bedspread with that one. I'll post pics of that project when I get to it.