Sunday, September 7, 2008

What I'm working on today...

I've been trying to use up my scrap yarns, and I'm really making good progress. I have just a few solid scrap yarn colors left, and decided to start this afghan:

I'm doing all half double crochet stitches, and using a size "K" hook. I divided all my scraps into color shades, and just started crocheting until each color ran out. I'm doing color groups - first, all blues, then purples, then greens, then yellows, then oranges, then reds. I'll just keep going until I run out of yarn. What short bits I yarn I have left over after finishing a row of color, I'm winding into Magic Balls. Those I'll be using for another afghan. If I have large enough bits left over, I'm making four-round, all double crochet squares for another scrap afghan. Eventually, I'll crochet all those squares together with black yarn. That project will be a combination of solids and variegated yarns, and may be quite large. I'm thinking of making a bedspread with that one. I'll post pics of that project when I get to it.

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