Saturday, November 1, 2008

Magic Ball Afghans

Here are pics of the Magic Ball afghans I've made. A "Magic Ball" is made of small pieces of yarn scraps. I tie them together and knot, leaving a tail. Then I wind them into balls. The result of those Magic Balls has turned into afghans. For my afghans, I've used two strands of yarn - one is the Magic Ball yarn; the other a solid color from skeins. I use a size "P" hook and half-double crochet stitch throughout. I chain until that is either the length or the width of the afghan I want, then just do hdc rows until it's the size I want. I leave the yarn tails from the Magic Balls hanging out just for interest, but they can be woven in as well.

The first is one made with Red Heart Supersaver "Dark Navy" (discontinued color) as the second color:

The next one is made with Red Heart Soft White as the main color:

The last one is made with Red Heart yarn in Black:

I've started yet another one with Dark Navy. These crochet up so quickly, and it's fun to see how the colors come together. You can used planned colors too - just choose your colors and cut yarn into different lengths and tie together, the roll into a ball. As long as I have Magic Balls, I'll probably continue making afghans out of them.


Sharon said...

I love all three of them! I may have to steal that idea for a scrap afghan, they look so warm and cozy. Thanks for telling how you made them.

Candy said...

Thank you! These afghans are fun to make. Since I'm on my 4th one now, I guess that shows how much I like making them!

Myra Johnston said...

That is really neat. And I had never thought of leaving the ends just hanging out. But it looks really good. I got to make on of those. Thanks for posting.

Myra Johnston said...

The Magic Ball Afghans are really neat. I had never thought of leaving the ends just hanging but they look really good that way. I got to make one of these. Thanks for posting

Joyful Days said...

Thought your afghans were wonderful & added them to my Pintrest board for yarn inspiration. I've not updated my blogs for a long time, either, but thought if you returned here I would let you know.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog last week, and your magic ball afghans inspired me to finally not only start, but also finish a scrap rug myself. I started this project so many times, and finally I finished because I like how yours turned out. I used three to six strands of yarn, and crocheted in simple tunisian crochet stitch, with a half double crochet border. Thank you for helping me, and inspiring me, even so many years later.