Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Plants...

Thought I'd post pictures of the house plants I have here...

First off, here's my "Momma Pothos". This plant I've had for about 8 years, and it just keeps on growing...I've made lots of smaller plants from this one in the last 8 years.

Next is my crazy Umbrella Tree:

Some Cactus and Succulents, plus two African Violets on the second shelf of the stand. The small clay pot on the top shelf is actually some Basil seeds I planted - hopefully I can grow an herb this summer!

Next are come of my Snake Plants (Mother-In-Law's Tongue):

My Zee-Zee Plant:

My tallest Snake Plant (from floor to top of the tallest stem is about 4 feet):

Two more Snake Plants and a Christmas Cactus:

Brand new Jade plant from Lowe's:

Red Dracaena:

Small Dracaena I brought home from work to nurse back to health:

My Hibiscus that has never seen a day outside and still keeps flowering for me. She had a huge flower yesterday, and has a big bud today that should be open tomorrow:

Cylindrical Snake Plant:

And finally, some plants in my living room - new cacti from Lowe's, some cactus sprouts from seeds I planted, and some tomato seeds I planted to see if I could grow them!

Whew! Now it's back to crocheting.....


Sharon said...

All your plants look so healthy! I can't believe how tall the big snake plant and that cylindrical snake plant have gotten.

Candy said...

I don't know what happened with the cylindrical snake plant last year! That one stem just grew and grew and looks so out of place with the other stems!

Karen O'Grady said...

hmmm...I've noticed you don't have a pregnant onoin nor a climbing onion!!
I think you need to add them to your garden...I have plenty...want some?