Sunday, July 5, 2009

Annie's Attic Pattern of the Day and free patterns

Over the last few days, I've been reading on various crochet lists how some people are so upset over how Annie's Attic website has taken down their free pattern of the day. I don't understand why people are so upset about this, when all they have to do is go to this website:
and download a new FREE pattern everyday. The site is full of FREE patterns. So why are some people so up in arms about this? I just don't get it at all. All one has to to is go to the new website and sign up FOR FREE to have access to the free patterns. The patterns are in PDF format, which makes for much easier printing than it was on the Annie's Attic website.

Personally, I just don't get why some people think it's the end of the world when things like this happen. I guess another free pattern site isn't what some people want to see, or they wouldn't be making such a huge deal about this.

Also, if people were on the ball, they'd have noticed already that the same patterns on are also on another site,! So, there has been no loss of free patterns, they've just moved to another website. Why can't people just get over this and move on?


Sharon said...

Because they're selfish and greedy, and think they deserve free patterns!
These are the people that want everything for free and spoil it for everyone else!
I'm like you, I can't believe these people and some of the things they've said about Annie's for moving the patterns!

Candy said...

You said it! I'm still reading on lists about this and it's driving me crazy! People are going to be this way forever, I guess.