Friday, December 26, 2008

Another Attempt with Peruvian Print yarn...

I took the advice of my friend Linda (aka Crocheting Fool), and used the Red Heart Super Saver color in Peruvian Print, crocheting it into a strip. I like this so much better than my other pattern attempts with this yarn. Thanks, Linda! I really do think this color is probably for knitters rather than crocheters, but I do like how this is turning out. I'm going to edge strips with white, and make them into a lapghan or afghan, depending upon how much yarn I have here. The strip is crocheted with a J hook in half-double crochet on 25 stitches...

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crochetingfool said...

You are very welcome!
Like I said sometimes you have to
play with the way these stripes
come out of the yarn. Maybe even
go down to a few amount of stitches...those socks I'm am knitting out of this stuff are looking really neat.

You'll like this afghan once it's completed.