Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Magic Ball Afghan #4 plus more...

Here's my latest Magic Ball Afghan - Yup, it's the fourth one I've made! These are so fun to make, work up fast, and are so warm. This one is 68 inches long and probably about 48 inches wide. I used Dark Navy as the solid color yarn that I carried with the magic ball yarns.

I keep making these to use up scraps of yarn, so as long as I have yarn, I'll keep making them. I have a few magic balls left over from the last four afghans, so now I'm going through my stash to see what color I can use as the main color for my next one. So far, I've used Dark Navy, Black, and Soft White. I'm not sure what I'll use next but I'll come up with something.

I've also been working on 4-strand afghans. The pattern these are based on comes from "Crafts" magazine - the November 1998 issue. The afghan is all half-double crochet, holding four strands of yarn together.

For the first one, I'm using all "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. If you haven't tried this yarn, you must get some! It's a worsted-weight acrylic, and so incredibly soft and very easy to work with. If you aren't near a Hobby Lobby store, you can find this yarn at http://www.craftsetc.com/ I'm using one strand each of Blue Camo Ombre, Medium Blue, Brown, and White:

For this next one, I started it because I was curious to see how the colors would look together. This one uses all Red Heart Super Saver yarn - two strands of Buff, and one strand each of Buff Fleck and Aran Fleck:

These both are worked with a Q hook, and go fast. It's a fun pattern to try when you have yarns that you just don't know how to use up.


Sharon said...

Look! I can finally comment again. Google/Blogger must love me today! I love this magic ball afghan too. I really have to make one with all those black Pounders I bought. The four strand afghans are pretty too. Especially that blue one, I'm in love with that one!

butterflycrochet said...

I love this. I have found that I like working with double strands. It makes it go so much faster. I usually use one strand of ww and one strand of Red Heart Plush. This would be great to use up partial skeins of the Plush.
I do have one question though. Dummy me needs to know what a Magic Ball is??

Candy said...

Sharon - I'm glad you can post again! Thanks for the compliments. You will enjoy making a magic ball afghan. They are fun to make.

Candy said...

A magic ball is where you take all your small scrap pieces of yarn, those small pieces that you really can't make anything with them. Tie the ends of the yarns together, then wind into a ball. That's all there is to it! You can use scraps or planned colors, anything you want. I've started calling it a "frugal" ball too, because I don't like to waste yarn!

butterflycrochet said...

That's pretty much what I thought. I'll have to try that when I get time to work on another afghan.